10 reasons to visit Greece

The History

Greece is considered the cradle of Western civilization.

In the Petralona cave located in the current Greek province of Macedonia, there are traces of human presence with an approximate age of 270,000 years.

The Olympics appeared in Greece in 776 BC, about the same period in which the literary masterpiece Iliada and Odissea appeared, and a few centuries later the Greek civilization laid the foundations of philosophy, mathematics and architecture.

Subsequently, Persian, Roman and Ottoman civilizations have left their mark on the architectural monuments and works of art on the current territory of Greece

5 historical reasons to visit Greece:

  1. The Acropolis, Athene
  2. The Parthenon, Athene
  3. The Temple of Poseidon, Athene
  4. Olympia Stadion, Olympia
  5. Rhodes Island

The Geography