The money


Wherever you go, you must have money. You can not live without money and, above all, you can not get out of trouble without them.

How much money do you need?

You have to answer at this question before traveling.

You can find the answer by looking ahead to the costs of daily living in the places you want to visit. It is also good to keep in mind the amount of taxes and possible fines you may have to pay.

As a benchmark, I get 1000 USD. With this money a person can afford the minimum necessary to live for a month anywhere in the world.

The money needed to return home is the minimum necessary to be kept with holiness on any person traveling away from home. I prefer to have items that can easily be exchanged in cash anywhere in the world whose value exceeds the value of the return journey by 30%, but which can easily be hidden.

How do we keep the money?

There is a saying that it is not good to keep all the eggs in one basket.

So, it’s good to have cash and at least two bank cards issued by different banks that can be used as needed.